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Maverick Magazine

Wintersky Works, May 2005

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Tracks:  Did Someone Say Goodbye? / Shine / Sweet On Me / Lonely Feels Like You / God as a Gun / Pretty Like You

Musicians:  Robert Reynolds, Mike McAdam, Paul Deakin, Al Perkins, Jerry Dale McFadden, Scotty Huff and Penny Jones.

Produced by Steve Allen and Robert Reynolds.

Photograph by Deone Jahnke

CD Review:
The Wintersky Works
Robert Reynolds

Robert’s first EP, Audrey In A Dream, got me hooked on his solo work and left me wanting more, so when I found out that he was supporting The Felsons on their UK tour, I just had to go to see him.  After a half hour support set that included some brilliant new material, there was no way I was going home without a copy of his new 6-track EP.  The Wintersky Works does not disappoint, it is just as good as Audrey In A Dream.  In fact, I think it is better.

Did Someone Say Goodbye? is reminiscent of something band mate Kevin Montgomery may write, and it is a great opening track, he has your attention straight away.  Shine has a summertime feel to it and has a lovely sentiment of wanting to bring out the best in somebody.  Sweet On Me is the only co-written song, and sees Robert join forces with co-producer, Steve Allen.  The title tells you the theme of the song as he sings of someone trying to be close to him, with lines like ‘she walks through glass just to get to me’.

One thing I love about Reynolds’ music is that he is not one to pigeon-hole himself in to one style of music, he has a love of different genres of music and whilst in one song he can be exploring his liking for rock music, in the next he can be delving in to his country-bluegrass roots.  This EP is a fine example of his ability to write across the genres, as the first 3 tracks stay in his rock/soulful side but Lonely Feels Like You shows his country side again, as he did on his previous CD with Mama’s Dogs.   God As A Gun is a song that the likes of Steve Earle would be proud of.   When I saw Robert in Putney, before singing this song, he declared, ‘It pisses me off when people use God as a reason for fighting’.   The song encapsulates that sentiment perfectly with very profound lyrics - ‘The man in the tower’s got the people on the run, got the Bible for bullets, using God as a gun’.   Pretty Like You closes the CD with a folksy feel, and Robert is backed by Penny Jones, who is someone he believes is going to be the next big thing.

Robert is hoping to have his album finished towards the end of the summer, and I for one can not wait to get hold of a copy. Roll on the release date, and hopefully we’ll get a headlining UK tour to go with it.

ES, Maverick Magazine
July 2005
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