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"As ad-hoc purveyors of power pop, the members of SWAG proved themselves to be in a class of their own at the cozy Khyber in Philadelphia Thursday evening (April 19, 2001)"

Pat Berkery

"A labor of love that finds a bunch of roots-rock musicians bashing out Anglophilic power pop that's been fitted with comfortable three-part harmonies."

Jonathan Perry
Boston Phoenix

"They had a slam-packed show." Kent Marcus, music attorney.   "Everyone from guys from the Black Crowes to Ray Davies was there to check them out." 

Daryl Sanders
Nashville City Paper

"At its heart, Catch-all is a meticulously crafted, genuinely enthusiastic plunge into a style of pop songcraft that almost sounds like it comes from another world."


"If all the kids who bought the Beatles' 1 bought this too, guitar-powered pop would be in great shape". 

Ken Tucker
Entertainment Weekly

"This debut is the best blast of '60s-style power pop since, well, the Beatles' greatest-hits album, 1."  Three stars."

Richard Skanse
US Weekly

"Swag doesn't stand for anything except great pop music."

Phil Sheridan

"This record's as close as we're ever going to get to hearing Fab Four performing new material."

Richmond Times-Dispatch

"She's Deceiving is as close as we'll ever get to a brand new Beatles song."

Peter Cooper
The Tennessean

"Catch-all is a vital, fiendishly catchy piece of work."

Michael Pelusi
Philadelphia City Paper

"If Paul McCartney were still making good music, he could only wish he'd made an album this good."

Chet Flippo

"Finally, someone put the super back in 'supergroup'."

Steve Ciabattoni
CMJ New Music Report

"Their sound, though steeped in homage, is utterly fresh, of the here and now, charming the pants off lovers of classic pop everywhere."

Fred Mills
Phoenix New Times


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