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Yep Roc Records

What the World Needs Now is SWAG, Sweet SWAG… 

...and Yep Roc Records is Set to Deliver the Goods.

"Making this record was a bit like a giant pajama party/sleep-over...  That's what SWAG is all about - fun." - Jerry Dale McFadden

Yep Roc Records is absolutely tickled pink to announce the upcoming release of Catchall by the Nashville-based band SWAG.   Combining a collective 130 years of Rock’n’Roll experience, SWAG started out as a fun-time project by a group of musicians that are regular members of successful national acts.   SWAG, the project, has grown into a regular working and recording band over the last couple of years. 

SWAG is: Ken Coomer (Wilco), Jerry Dale McFadden (Sixpence None the Richer/ Mavericks), Doug Powell (Not Lame solo recording artist), Robert Reynolds (Mavericks) and Tom Petersson (Cheap Trick).   Excited by the possibilities of this first full-length release, SWAG’s Robert Reynolds maintains that the band has a new sense of themselves as a 'real' band.   "In listening back to the most recent material the band has worked on I get a better sense of what we are really capable of.   For the first time it seems like something much more than a side project.   It's always been fun, but it’s beginning to feel very real as well." says Robert.

Catch-all, set for a March 13, 2001 release on Yep Roc, collects four tracks from SWAG’s highly collectible vinyl-only releases with eight new songs.   It will be released on CD and as a very limited edition run of 1,000 vinyl LPs. 

Word of mouth and a recent Magnet Magazine article has spread the word about the band and this recording, building them a sizable cult following and an international reputation.  Catch-all is already one of the most talked- about albums of the year - months before its release, having recently received a nomination for the annual Nashville Music Awards Indie Album of the year (no title was even available, and no product available for purchase!) 

Between 1996 and the present day, SWAG has sporadically released music and performed live in a variety of incarnations.   Guest players/contributors over the years have included Rick Neilson of Cheap Trick, Paul Deakin of The Mavericks, Bill Lloyd, and Brad Jones.   Brad has produced all of the latest SWAG recordings, including Catch-all. 

All members of SWAG share vocal duties on Catch-all and guest appearances include: Bill Lloyd, Mavericks horn player Scotty Huff, and guitar wizard Kenny Vaughn.   According to Doug Powell, the fact that Swag is comprised of musicians who already have commitments is sometimes "…a major pain logistically and often just doesn't seem worth it.   But when we finally get together and make music it is so easy and magical that it more than counterbalances the cost."   We at Yep Roc tend to agree that SWAG’s music is not-to-be-missed and look forward to the opportunity to catch the select live shows in Austin, Nashville, New York, Chicago and other major markets the band will play in support of the release.   Plans are underway to debut the release at this year’s SXSW conference in March. 

November 23, 2000

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