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Check out our Music and News pages by using the links above for background to the band SWAG.  You'll also find plenty of reviews in the Press section (you'll need to scroll way back - right-hand column) and call in at the Pictures section too.  Have a nice visit...

Buy SWAG's 2001 CD, Catch-all from Amazon.com and Amazon.co.uk.  Also available to download from Amazon or iTunes.

Trampoline website - SWAG page
Extra Information about SWAG and The Mavericks
- 17 pages in all to keep you busy!

                            Robert Reynolds, Doug Powell, Warren Pash
SWAG on the Conan O'Brien show, 2001.

Robert Reynolds, Doug Powell and Warren Pash. 
(Ken Coomer on drums)

Watch SWAG play "I'll Get By"

The Mavericks website

The Mavericks Facebook page

Robert Reynolds

Audrey in a Dream
Reissued July 10, 2017. 
buy Audrey in a Dream, email rergalleries@gmail.com
Listen to unreleased tracks on Robert's Digital Rodeo page.

Buy Robert's art and music - check out his Instagram page.
And his Facebook page too!

Robert Reynolds' page - Trampoline website
Plenty of extra information on here for you about Robert's collaborations, etc.

Trampoline website Mavericks home page
17 pages of Information about The Mavericks and SWAG.  Lots to read!

Jerry Dale McFadden

Buy Jerry Dale McFadden's CD "This Girl" from Amazon.com and Amazon.co.uk

Jerry Dale McFadden interview - April 2001

Jerry Dale McFadden's page - Trampoline website

Previous band members & guests

Doug Powell

Doug Powell on Wikipedia

Doug Powell interview March 19, 1999

Remodeling Team February 2001 - Doug Powell  interview

Bill Lloyd

Warren Pash

Scotty Huff
- ex-trumpet player with Mavericks, co-writer on three SWAG songs
Buy Scotty Huff's "Assorted" from Amazon.com or Amazon.co.uk - available also as an Amazon mp3 download.

Scotty Huff interview - October 2000

Scotty Huff article - The Music Box, May 2004
Hillbilly All-Stars

Paul Deakin's page - Trampoline website

Mark Collie

Chuck Mead

Hillbilly All-stars - Robert Reynolds,
                            Chuck Mead, Paul Deakin, Mark Collie
Hillbilly All-stars - Robert Reynolds, Chuck Mead, Paul Deakin, Mark Collie


Robert Reynolds and Paul Deakin joined with Matt King but this project didn't really go anywhere.  Our News archive has an item dated June 10, 2006 about it.


Limberjack's MySpace

Matt King

The Long Players
The Long Players - founder member Bill Lloyd.  Interesting group with varying guest singers and players.  Including some Mavericks players at times...

Jon Roniger's website
Jon Roniger - Robert Reynolds co-produced one of his albums.

Jim Reilley

Dean Owens

Will Kimbrough

Chris Cook

Kevin Montgomery

Jim Hoke

The Miller Tells Her Tale - podcast

Record companies

Diesel Only website

Parasol Records
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