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SWAG and Mavericks : NEWS ARCHIVE 2013

NEWS ARCHIVE 2013.   Click here for News Archive 2001-2012   

Dec 14, 2013: 
Nick Kane CD
                            release party, 21 Nov 2013
Here's Nick Kane at the release party for his new EP In The Blue, held at The Famly Wash, Nashville, Thu November 21, 2013.

Band members are:

Micah Hulscher (keys)
Steve Latanation (drums)
Mark Robertson (double bass)
Pic:  Douglas C Drake Sr.

Scroll down the page to October 31 & August 28 for the background to this, including a link where you can purchase it.  Also available is Nick's previous CD, Songs in the Key of E

Nov 27, 2013
High Five Entertainment produced The Mavericks In Time Live, a 90-minute DVD exclusively available to those who pledged support for their local PBS stations.. Now available for $30 from the Mavericks store.

The Mavericks In Time Live will be broadcast on PBS from November 30 to December 31, 2013 to help raise funds during December pledge drive programming.  Check local listings for dates and times.

PBS have posted a video on YouTube of The Mavericks playing Come Unto Me from the show at Marathon Music Works, Nashville.   Click here to view the 5 min 39 video.  Yes, that's Betty Malo dancing in the audience at 1 min 48.
In Time Live DVD, Nov 2013

Nov 2, 2013:
Scotty Huff Scotty Huff, ex-Mavericks trumpet player and ex-SWAG member (also previously in Keith Urban's band), is performing tonight (7pm Saturday November 2, 2013), at 3rd and Lindsley in Nashville.

He is taking part in "Hangtown Dancehall", a folk-rock opera about the California Goldrush by Eric Brace (frontman of Last Train Home) and Karl Straub
. The official CD release will be in January 2014.
Nov 1, 2013:  SWAG reunion photograph.  Don't get too excited, it's only a photograph!   New picture of Robert Reynolds and Jerry Dale McFadden with Doug Powell from August 6, 2013 on one of our Photo pages.

And another SWAG-related item - Doug Powell performs from time to time with Bill Lloyd's band The Long Players...
Click here for a 4-min video of Drive from Friday July 27, 2013 at the Frist Center for the Visual Arts, Nashville. 

Many more enjoyable and varied Long Player videos available on YouTube.

The Long Players are a Nashville band (founded by Bill Lloyd, who was in SWAG too) with varying guest singers (in the spirit of SWAG) who get together to perform covers of albums.  You can find much more information if you visit their History page.  Also you can click here to go to the News Archive to an item from August 2012.
Doug Powell, 27 July 2013

Oct 31, 2013:  Nick Kane is having an EP release party at The Family Wash in Nashville at 9pm on Thursday November 21, 2013.   Among other things, his band will play tracks from the new EP, In The Blue.  More information on this record is further down the page - scroll down to August 28th.

Sep 21, 2013:  The Recording Academy ( has put a set of new videos online which were recorded in mid-September 2013.
Grammy com
                            interview 18 Sep 2013

Sep 14, 2013:  Raul Malo will be among the artists appearing at the 33rd Annual John Lennon Tribute in New York City on Friday Dec 6 2013.  

Sep 12, 2013: Musica Latina:  Raul Malo and other Latin musicians will be performing at the White House in the latest "In Performance at the White House" show on Monday September 16, 2013.   It will be streamed live on the White House website from 7pm ET, and "Musica Latina:  In Performance at the White House" will be shown on PBS at 8pm on Tue October 8, 2013.  Full information at Official  Short excerpts from quite a few previous performances can be found here - there was a performance of Latin music in 2009, scroll down to the bottom of the page to view that particular one.  YouTube also has some previous shows.  Note:  Show was postponed due to a nearby shooting in the morning.

Sep 12, 2013:  Watch a 6 min video of Dance The Night Away from the show at Knuckleheads on YouTube.  It starts where Robert is toasting his father "Rob senior", in case you are confused as to who they are talking about. He had just mentioned that his late father always liked Knuckleheads and had said the Mavericks should play there.  

Aug 28, 2013:
Nick Kane, In
                              The Blue, August 2013
Erstwhile Mavericks' guitarist Nick Kane has a new 5-track CD available, entitled In The Blue, in which he sings lead vocals as well as performing on guitar.   

Produced by Nick Kane and Quentin Jones, the other band members are Dave Ferrara (drums), and Dave Roe (bass).  

More information and audio samples on the Lanark Records website.  There's a link on that page to buy the CD, which is $8.99.   The cover was inspired by the 1960s "Brother Rat Fink" artwork by Ed "Big Daddy" Roth.

You can still purchase Nick's 1999 CD, Songs in the Key of E, at
Aug 23, 2013:  Listen to the Mavericks being interviewed on the Ray Hadley Morning Show on Sydney radio station 2GB, recorded on Thursday August 22, 2013.  Click here for the 9-minute audio, which includes them playing Back In Your Arms Again live in the studio.   Sounds very lively, and Paul Deakin's on the cajon again.

Aug 7, 2013:  
Further news that the show recorded in Nashville yesterday will be aired as The Mavericks:  In Time on PBS in December 2013, as well as being released as a DVD and CD.   Watch a fan video from the show on YouTube: Dance The Night Away - 7 min video - with a break for a tray of drinks in the middle of the song!

Jul 31, 2013:   BBC Radio 2 broadcast a recorded interview with Raul Malo on Tuesday July 30, 2013 - on the Simon Mayo Drivetime show. The show opens with Dance The Night Away, and at 1h 02 they play a Raul Malo solo song, Moonlight Kiss, followed at 1h 06 with the interview with Raul, which continues after Come Unto Me.  The segment finishes at 1h 23.  Now on YouTube: 13 minute audio.

Jul 31, 2013:  Videos showing the Mavericks at the Festival Country Rendez-vous de Craponne sur Arzon, France, on Sunday July 28, 2013, were on YouTube but now there's only one there now:  Here ComesThe Rain (4 min video)  Raul Malo solo

Jul 28, 2013:  The Mavericks played Perth Concert Hall, Scotland, on July 20, 2013, part of the Southern Fried Festival.  BBC Radio Scotland broadcast highlights from the Festival on Friday July 26, 2013 - repeated Sunday July 28, 2013.   The show is Another Country with Ricky Ross - he's away, so Roddy Hart presented the show, which featured The Mavericks, Patty Griffin, Tom Russell, Darrell Scott and Danny Thompson.   The Mavericks were the first on the show - songs played were:  Lies, Born To Be Blue, All Over Again, Indian Love Call (Raul Malo solo), Guantanamera/Twist and Shout.  Marvellous.  Don't miss it.   Quentin Ware on trumpet, Michael Guerra on accordion.  The others you know - but Raul introduces them anyway.  Click here to listen to 30-min BBC-quality audio on YouTube.

Also, YouTube has some videos from the show at Perth Concert Hall, Perth, Scotland on July 20, 2013. Just search for 'Mavericks Perth' on YouTube.   Indian Love Call is an interesting one.

July 27, 2013:  To recap... there are now four BBC radio interviews available:  
BBC Radio 2, Wed July 31, 2013: Raul Malo interview.   Click here for YouTube.
BBC Radio Northampton, Wed July 24, 2013: Robert Reynolds interview.    Click here for YouTube.
BBC Radio Derby, Mon July 22, 2013: Robert Reynolds/Paul Deakin interview.    Click here for YouTube.
BBC Radio Merseyside, Mon July 22, 2013: Robert Reynolds/Paul Deakin interview. [no longer available to listen to, but there's a transcript available here.]
Jul 23, 2013: 
Whilst Paul Deakin and Robert Reynolds were at BBC Radio Merseyside on Monday July 22, 2013 (see below for that interview), they also recorded a phone interview with Andy Potter of BBC Radio Derby.  This was not as hysterical as the one conducted live on air with Liverpudlian Billy Butler, though.

Click here to listen to the interview on BBC Radio Derby. 

Scroll the slider along to 2h 13 - you'll hear Dance The Night Away, which signals the start of the interview.   The segment lasts 15 minutes (including music), and partway through you hear Come Unto Me - don't think it's finished though, because there's another small snippet of conversation afterwards, before Back In Your Arms Again concludes the interview. 

This BBC radio archived show is available for seven days from broadcast - until Monday July 29, 2013. 

There was some banter and wordplay on English place names (Leicester and Loughborough) - and Paul mentions getting his head round being a grandfather for the first time.

And Paul gave us the news that Come Unto Me will be part of the soundtrack for the forthcoming DeNiro/Stallone film Grudge Match - scheduled for release in December 2013..

The picture on the right shows Paul and Robert outside the BBC Radio Merseyside offices in Liverpool.
BBC Radio Merseyside, Mon 22 July
Jul 23, 2013:  There's an interesting little interview with Jerry Dale McFadden dated July 9, 2013 at the Sheffield International Venues website.  The Mavericks are playing Sheffield City Hall on Tuesday July 23, 2013.  Sheffield is where the SWAG song Louise was written by Jerry Dale and Robert.

Jul 22, 2013: 
BBC Radio Merseyside, Mon
                          22 July 2013
Paul Deakin and Robert Reynolds were interviewed on the Billy Butler show on BBC Radio Merseyside in the afternoon of Monday July 22, 2013, prior to their show at the Royal Liverpool Philharmonic Hall.

Robert and Paul are interviewed until 1hr 49, when they are played out with That's Not My Name.   Catch this hysterical interview before next Monday.

Transcript available here.
July 21, 2013:  Latest addition to these pages is an archive of the Mavericks tour dates from 1994-1999 and 2003-2004.   The dates may well be incomplete - and some dates may have been changed after the source material went to print, but it's another resource for you.  It's in the Shows archive - you need to scroll down past the SWAG archived dates to get there...  If you spot anything adrift, please contact me by using the button above. You'll note some venues are missing.  There are also some links scattered among the tour dates taking you to YouTube videos relating to the times... CMAs, for instance.  Take a look, some of the old videos from TV are amusing.

July 14, 2013:  Click here to watch a 4-min video of Kevin Montgomery and the Roadtrippers (Robert Reynolds, Paul Deakin) performing Cherokee City at Twelfth & Porter, Nashville, May 23, 2010.

July 14, 2013:  Robert Reynolds, Jerry Dale McFadden and Scotty Huff have also created soundtracks for a whole raft of Weston Woods/ Scholastic children's videos.  Have a look at this video from 2000, Antarctic Antics, with Raul Malo singing Be My Penguin, which was written by Robert Reynolds.  All the music is by Scotty Huff and Robert Reynolds.  More information about Antarctic Antics and the other children's videos they've made can be found here - scroll down the page  There are a few video clips at the Scholastic website.

July 14, 2013:  Ex-Maverick guitarist Nick Kane's drive-in wedding to Kim on September 9, 1995 in Las Vegas is now on YouTube!  Click the link to view.  The other band members were in attendance, and we even see Raul Malo filming the event.

June 29, 2013: 
The Mavericks appeared on the CBS This Morning programme on Saturday June 29, 2013.  They played Back in your Arms Agan and Come Unto Me. 

Watch an 8-min video of their appearance on the CBS website.  Update 30 June: It's also now on YouTube as a 5-minute video (stops abruptly for some reason).

Paul Deakin was playing a Cajon, a box-like percussion instrument from Peru.
CBS This Morning, 29 June 2013

June 17, 2013:  Going way back to January 2000, a long interview with Robert Reynolds for UK magazine Country Music International, where he talks about Buddy Holly, children's educational videos, and more.   Click here to go to it.

June 17, 2013:  A transcript of an article written by Robert Reynolds regarding Digital Rodeo, which was published in Maverick magazine (UK) in February 2008, is now in the Press pages.  Click here to go directly to it.

June 16, 2013:
The New Sell Out
SWAG's 13-year old recording of The Who's Early Morning, Cold Taxi is now available to listen to on YouTube.    See our Music page for more details.

This track is part of a Who tribute CD, The New Sell Out, which was to have been released in 2001.  The album was finally released as a download on May 28, 2012.
So, if you want the whole thing, download it from Futureman Records.  There are 26 tracks (five of which are listed as 'commercial break').  The original CD, 'The Who Sell Out', has 23 tracks.
June 16, 2013:  Photographs from the 1999 recording of SWAG's Catch-all are now in the Photo pages.  You can bypass the index page by clicking here.  Thanks to Doug Powell for the photos.

June 11, 2013:  Take a look here for a video from March 1, 2013.  Refers to this show...

June 10, 2013: 
There's now a video on YouTube of The Mavericks playing at the Ryman Auditorium, Nashville, on June 5, 2013 - part of Marty Stuart's 12th annual Late Night Jam.  Click here to watch Back In Your Arms Again. (4.55)

You can also find a second video (taken from the wings this time) of Raul Malo singing (I'd Be) A Legend In My Time to Manuel (famed Nashville tailor, aka "The Picasso of Rhinestones" who was celebrating his 80th birthday).  Eddie Perez on harmonica.  Click here to watch this one.   It lasts 1 min 28.

June 3, 2013:  The Mavericks are the house band for the CMT Music Awards at the Bridgestone Arena, Nashville, TN, live at 8pm on CMT on Wednesday June 5, 2013.   Then the band heads off to be part of Marty Stuart's 12th annual Late Night Jam at the Ryman Auditorium.  The event raises money for MusiCares, which provides a financial safety net for members of the music community in need.  Kenny Vaughn (erstwhile SWAG member) plays guitar in Marty's band The Fabulous Superlatives.

May 22, 2013:  Robert Reynolds and Paul Deakin have toured with Kevin Montgomery as band members of the Roadtrippers.  New in the press pages are live reviews of four shows - Sheffield, England, in August 2000, London, England, August 2000, Preston, England, in September 2000, and a show in London in May 2004.  These reviews are accompanied by photographs from the shows.

May 21, 2013:  Jerry Dale McFadden's "Sunset Died When The Whores Went Away" is now on YouTube.  It's a track from Stand and Cast a Shadow, released in 1986.  You can also find another track from the album, Country Beats The Hell Outa Me.  More information and tracklisting of both of Jerry Dale McFadden's albums can be found on our Music page.

May 20, 2013:  Two videos from the Mavericks at the Royal Festival Hall, London, on Sunday May 19, 2013 are now on YouTube.     Click to watch I Said I Love You [one of the comments underneath the video is "That drummer is smoking" - how very true...]     And click this one to watch footage of part of Come Unto Me which concentrates on Jerry Dale McFadden's dancing!

Nice quote:  "The nine-member touring ensemble came out looking like a gangster Mariachi band." 

May 11, 2013:  Our Music page has been updated to include Robert Reynolds' two CDs.

May 9, 2013:
The Mavericks were at the Ryman Auditorium in Nashville on Saturday May 4, 2013, performing at the recording of an episode of Sing for Your Supper with Bob Waggoner.  This show will air on PBS during fall 2013.

* * * *

L-R:  Eddie Perez, Raul Malo, Robert Reynolds, Elio Giordano, Jerry Dale McFadden, at the Ryman Auditorium recording of Sing For Your Supper with Bob Waggoner.   Paul Deakin is hidden behind Raul, sitting at the Cajon [a box-shaped percussion instrument from Peru].

recording for Sing For Your Supper,
                                May 4, 2013

May 6, 2013:

Watch an 8-minute video on YouTube of the Mavericks performing All You Ever Do Is Bring Me Down at the Jazz Fest, New Orleans, Friday May 3, 2013.

Here's Paul Deakin making a leap for stardom at the end of the Mavericks' set...

L-R:  Eddie Perez, Quentin Ware, unknown roadie in black shirt, Paul Deakin, Raul Malo, Elio Giordano (part hidden, bending down - look for the white hat), Jerry Dale McFadden, Robert Reynolds (part hidden) and Michael Guerra.
Jazz Fest, 3 May 2013
April 20, 2013: 
Fox News, Star Traveler
You can watch a 2-minute 'Star Traveler' interview the Mavericks did with Fox News on April 12, 2013, in which Paul Deakin and Robert Reynolds discussed a couple of places the Mavericks have visited. Paul's choice was San Juan, Puerto Rico and Robert's was Austin, Texas.  Click here to watch.

There's also a 6-minute Fox News Latino video interview in which just Eddie Perez and Raul Malo took part in on March 4, 2013.  It's in English, but mentions more of their Latino musical influences.
April 16, 2013: 
The Mavericks were at HuffPost Live in New York City on Tuesday April 16, 2013 for an interview with Abby Huntsman.

Watch the archived
8-minute video interview.

Looks like Robert is about to do a magic trick with the three mugs on the table...

L-R:  Abby Huntsman, Raul Malo, Jerry Dale McFadden, Robert Reynolds, Eddie Perez, Paul Deakin.
HuffPost Live 16 April 2013
April 9, 2013:  There is now video footage on YouTube of three songs from the Mavericks' appearance on New York radio station WFUV on February 25, 2013.  [See item dated February 26, 2013 below for details of audio versions available to listen to.]  

Watch Back In Your Arms Again   Come Unto Me    That's Not My Name  

You'll find plenty more videos on YouTube - search "Mavericks El Rey" for a start   And among the many others available, there's a fabulous 19-minute video from the Belly Up Tavern in Solano Beach, CA on March 25, 2013 - a medley of Guantanamera/ Twist And Shout/ I Said I Love You.

March 27, 2013:  Another audio interview, this time from March 12, 2013, and lasting almost 9 minutes, from the Marc Berman Radio Show, 1400 WOND Atlantic City, is now on YouTube.  Robert and Raul respond to the questions. 

March 26, 2013:  There is a nice little 6-minute audio interview with Robert Reynolds online at KX 93.5's website.  The interview was recorded on March 22, 2013 by Brian Holst of KX 93.5, a radio station based in Laguna Beach, Los Angeles, CA.  You can also hear Come Unto Me after Robert's interview finishes.

March 26, 2013:

Radio Free
                            Santa Fe
Radio Free Santa Fe's website has an 18-minute audio podcast of The Mavericks' visit to their studios on March 20, 2013.

Paul Deakin is playing a Cajon, which is a box-shaped percussion instrument from Peru.  (You learn something new every day.)  Raul Malo does the talking, and they play Amsterdam Moon, That's Not My Name, & Back In Your Arms Again. 

March 20, 2013:   The Mavericks are appearing in a benefit concert for Manny Cuevas entitled "Wear it Out, Wear it Well" at the Cannery Ballroom, Nashville, at 6pm on Tuesday April 23, 2013.  There is a long list of other musicians playing at the benefit.  Buy tickets at the Wear It Out Manuel website.  It seems as if you can 'attend' via the Wear It Out Manuel Facebook page.

March 19, 2013:  The Mavericks were in Austin taking part in filming for ABC's tv pilot "Killer Women", about a female Texas Ranger.  See Pictures page for a picture of Eddie Perez, Robert Reynolds and Jerry Dale McFadden on set.

March 16, 2013:  You can find videos on YouTube of a few of the songs played at Waterloo Records in Austin on Friday March 15, 2013. The ones I've found are Shake, Rattle and Roll and Amsterdam Moon.  Shame about the language at the beginning of Amsterdam Moon, which just spoils the whole atmosphere and does somehow makes a mockery of him then singing the beautiful lyrics of Amsterdam Moon with a pure voice.  It might have been nicer to have edited that out before uploading, but still... Every time I hear it, it won't be the same now. 

March 3, 2013:
The Mavericks at Grimey's, Nashville, Sunday March 3, 2013.  That's trumpeter Quentin Ware who appears to be looking for a record to take home.

And such a shame Paul forgot to bring anything.   [Just kidding... he's playing a Cajon]

The show ended with a rousing version of Shake, Rattle and Roll!

Grimeys, Nashville, March 3, 2013
L-R:  Eddie Perez, Quentin Ware, Paul Deakin, Raul Malo, Max Abrams, Elio Giordano, Michael Guerra, Jerry Dale McFadden and Robert Reynolds.
And now Quentin's caught having a drink of water...  Actually, he'd just played some blistering screaming trumpet during Come Unto Me, which turned the other band members' heads in admiration, and it earned him a handshake from Paul Deakin at the end of the song.  Raul was just making an appreciative comment.

Grimey's. Nashville, March 3, 2013

March 2, 2013: 
Just added.  A Rhythm magazine interview with Paul Deakin from February 2000.  Go straight to it. (Rhythm is a UK drumming magazine - 'by drummers, for drummers').

March 1, 2013:
  Watch a fab 12-minute video on YouTube of The Mavericks performing Sway at the Bowery Ballroom in New York on February 25, 2013.  The quality is superb.  You'll see others posted from the same show.

March 1, 2013:
The Mavericks on The Tonight Show with Jay Leno, Friday March 1, 2013.

For those who missed the live show, there is a clip of their appearance now available on the show's website.  

Watch it here, if you can.  Scroll down the page to find them.
The Tonight Show

Update:  Try here for the video of their performance.

L-R:  Max Abrams, Raul Malo, Paul Deakin, Robert Reynolds.
Tonight Show with Jay Leno, March
                                1, 2013

March 1, 2013:  Very nice Huffington Post review of the Bowery Ballroom, New York show by Michael Giltz now in the
Press section.  Amusing bit about being in Amsterdam with no drugs.  

February 28, 2013:   Seth Walker will be the opener for The Mavericks on their US tour, between March 15 and April 20, 2013.   Seth co-wrote 'Back In Your Arms Again' and 'As Long As There's Loving Tonight' on the In Time album.

February 26, 2013:  The Australian Gympie Music Muster has the Mavericks listed as the headline act for their festival in August 2013.  This festival (Thu-Sun, August 22-25, 2013) is held in Amammoor Creek State Forest Park, near Gympie - two hours north of Brisbane, Queensland).  This is their first visit to Australia, and not before time!


Photo:  Laura Fedele/ WFUV. 

Two archived WFUV radio shows for you to enjoy...

The first recording is from Monday February 25, 2013 at WFUV in New York - 39 min audio.
Raul Malo
                                    and Robert Reynolds, WFUV, 25
                                    February 2013
Raul and Robert are interviewed, and the band play 3 songs live:  That's Not My Name, Back In Your Arms Again, and Come Unto Me.   It's a very jolly and relaxed interview, and Paul Deakin even tells a "Man walks into a bar" joke!  Now, how often does he get the chance to do that on the radio?   Mr Quentin Ware on trumpet gets a special mention... 
Bowery Ballroom, NY.
                          7 Oct 2003
The second WFUV radio recording is from the Bowery Ballroom, New York, October 7, 2003. Enjoy the full-one-hour concert.
The opening song is  "Because of You".
  February 11, 2013: 
Eddie Perez, Raul
                          Malo, Robert Reynolds, Jerry Dale McFadden,
                          Paul Deakin
There's now an 8-minute video online which was conducted at 3rd and Lindsley, Nashville, on January 18, 2013 for 

Contains some live footage from the show, but, alas, all too brief. Interesting thought from Robert regarding Cicadas, too!

Find it
here on the Yallwire site.  If it's been removed, you can find it here on YouTube.
February 10, 2013: 
There are 24 informative videoclips on YouTube where the Mavericks are interviewed about various topics, including the story behind each album track from In Time.  
Interview YouTube
February 8, 2013:  BBC Radio 2's Celtic Connections 2013 show, where they broadcast the abridged interview between Ricky Ross and Raul, Paul and Robert (see below, Jan 28th entry) is still available, and might be a long-term feature on the page, along with various other interviews from Celtic Connections 2013.  You'll enjoy the two live versions of Come Unto Me and Dance The Night Away which were recorded at Celtic Connections 2013. Click here for 16-min audio.

February 7, 2013:  BBC Radio Scotland's Another Country with Ricky Ross - sadly only available to listen to for 7 days. Ricky Ross interviewed Robert Reynolds, Paul Deakin and Raul Malo.  Songs played were:  Come Unto Me (live); Back In Your Arms Again; In Another's ArmsDance The Night Away (live).  Well worth listening to this programme if you can.  The interview starts with Come Unto Me at about 13 minutes into the programme.  Click here to listen to the archived show.   There is a transcript on our Press pages.
[Note:  Ricky Ross knows his stuff, he is a singer/songwriter with Deacon Blue and also is a solo artist - no wonder this was a great interview.]

February 6, 2013: 
STV's website now carries a brief article about The Mavericks' reunion and their appearance at Celtic Connections, and you will find that there is an amusing little 3min 37 video interview there for you too.  Although admittedly it doesn't look too amusing from this image!

Check Robert's legs for loose screws next time you see him...
Paul Deakin, Raul Malo, Robert
                              Reynolds, Eddie Perez, Jerry Dale
January 29, 2013:  If you've missed any of the BBC radio shows, there are transcripts of the Mavericks' interviews on our Press pages. 

January 28, 2013BBC Radio 2, 10pm, Monday January 28, 2013 - this hour-long programme is called "Celtic Connections 2013" and is hosted by Ricky Ross (from BBC Scotland).  He is also presenting "Another Country with Ricky Ross" on Friday February 1, 2013 on BBC Radio Scotland in which he interviews Robert, Raul and Paul).  Tonight's interview lasted around 6 minutes and that was followed with an excellent live recording of Come Unto Me and Dance The Night Away from The Mavericks' appearance at Celtic Connections 2013.  The segment lasts around 16 minutes in total, and starts at approx 28 minutes into the programme.

January 26, 2013:   
Robert Reynolds, Raul
                          Malo, Ricky Ross, Paul Deakin

Robert Reynolds, Raul Malo, Ricky Ross and Paul Deakin, Glasgow, 22 January 2013

And you can watch the Mavericks playing Blue Bayou at Celtic Connections on YouTube. 
BBC Radio Scot'and's Ricky Ross made a nice observation in his Celtic Connections blog:

"I know when it was. It was an hour or so into The Mavericks show on Tuesday evening. Raul Malo alone at the mic with a Spanish guitar playing Blue Bayou. A Cuban, Floridian from Nashville in Glasgow playing a Roy Orbison song on a freezing night in January.  That was when I realised the joy that is Celtic Connections.

"Sometimes things don’t quite work as you hope they will. Sometimes you have weeks that go badly and you unwind them constantly in your head to figure out the place where mistakes were made. I’d had one of these odd starts to the week where you begin to wonder if everything is going to be an uphill struggle and you should instead be spending your energies elsewhere. It was then the music began to work its magic and I let it take over. CS Lewis described his conversion experience as being ‘surprised by joy’ and a little of that - which is easily enough - is what I felt on Tuesday night."  Ricky Ross.

January 23, 2013:  A Glasgow review... Wow24/7 has a review by Sue Wilson, with an old picture from the New Year show in Edinburgh Castle in 1999/2000 to accompany it (the sequins on Raul's woolly hat give it away).   Scotty Huff and Matt Nygren in the background!  Where have those thirteen years gone?

January 10, 2013 - updated January 23, 2013: 
Raul Malo and Eddie Perez recorded a session with BBC Producer Mark Hagen and presenter Bob Harris whilst they were in Nashville late last year, and this was broadcast on the Bob Harris Country show on BBC Radio 2 on Thursday 17 January 2013. (Archived for 7 days).   Songs played live were Born to be Blue and Come Unto Me.  Bob Harris also chats with Raul and Eddie, and he played All You Ever Do Is Bring Me Down from Music For All Occasions.  Full playlist for the show is here.

January 10, 2013:  At last, some news about a SWAG band member!  Chuck Mead's session for Bob Harris Country, which was recorded last year in Nashville was broadcast in Thursday 10 January 2013.   You can listen to the archived show for seven days by following this link.

NEWS ARCHIVE FOR 2001 to November 2012  - CLICK HERE


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